Saturday, 4 February 2017

I like short shorts and old photos!

While looking through my camera and mentally shaming myself for being so horribly unorganised I found some old photos that I intended to post but never did. Ive been away from the blog for a long time and have only been posting sporadically and not the kind of content that ive wanted to post. I've struggled with anxiety and depression on and off for around 8 years and have always found it difficult to accept my body and like the way I look, making it difficult to find pictures to post so i've been sticking to makeup reviews and outfits and the occasional outfit when I can pluck up the courage.
Ive been working on myself by being more open with people close to me and therapy for my anxiety and depression. I also have a job in the retail industry that requires me to talk to people I dont know that has forced me out of my shell and I finally feel ready to do this blog the way I have wanted to.
Hope these photos arent too weird because theyre headless but I guess I was feeling self conscious about my face the day I took these. They are very old as my hair was blonde there and I have been brunette for ages.
This isnt the best thing that I will ever post but I felt it was important in the spirit of being brave and trying to get out there and blog again that I post something.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Boyfriend(partner etc) Football Drinking game

So Hey
I'm back to do some blogging about not Fashion or Beauty though goodness knows I haven't  been very good at that. I'm being forced to watch football,maybe this is something you can sympathise with.I have a boyfriend who watches football and as a consequence I am here sipping Magners in front of it.
So I might as well get a little tipsy.I invented a drinking game, maybe it already exists.And here's the rules if you want to play along too.Obviously this still applies if you don't have a boyfriend,if you have a girlfriend,partner, catfriend ,best friend,etc.
Obviously you drink when something happens
Goal 2 drinks
Penalty 1 drink
Free kick 1 drink
Offsides 1 drink
But you also drink for stereotypical things your boyfriend does
Partner shouts at the TV?that's 2 drinks sister!
Partner talks to the TV 1 drink
Partner shouts c'mon ref or anything to do with the ref 2 drinks
Partner explains basics of football to you, that's 2 drinks because you've got to be drunk to deal with hearing the offside rule AGAIN!
Partner mentions a players name 1 drink
Partner does a hand gesture 1 drink
Partner chants 1 drink
Partner uses the word tense 1 drink
You may end up getting a little drunk but hey at least you're enjoying football!?
If your partner knows you are playing a drinking game based on his reactions that's great you can drink whenever they ask you if you are drinking for something.I find its fun to leave them in the dark and then try and question drunk you about why you got so drunk.But that's just me.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Confession Time and Shoe Review

For a blogger I really don't do justice in my posts to how many pairs of shoes I have.I have a serious problem. I just picked up a pair today and I should have another coming in the next few days. Obviously being as tight as I am I try to aim for the bargains. I think it's time I owned up and reviewed some of the pairs I have hoarded.
  Today I am reviewing my newest shoe purchase. The beautiful Shadow Stud. My next few reviews are going to be Jeffrey Campbells because they are the only shoes I buy online. Generally I wear converse during the day, although i'm on the lookout for some cut-out boots.
   I think these shoes have changed my life. I was already wary of them because I thought I'd ordered the wrong size. I always go on solestruck to check the sizing of shoes from the review and I really thought I'd have to wear a 5 but I ended up with the 4 and they fit, if anything they're a little loose so im going to have to wear lots of socks with these.

As you can see from the pictures they are COVERED in tree spikes(I think thats what theyre called) and they have a bunch of really spikey spikes at the top around the heel. These really are sharp,I know because I hurt myself picking them up to shoot these pictures, so you have to be real careful when putting them on. They're pretty easy to walk in, not as easy as converse or Litas but easy enough that you can walk in them without needing to focus heavily on what your feet are doing. They are a lot easier to walk in than other heelless shoes I have because youre feet are completely covered, which is something i've heard a lot of reviewers say. However after a few hours of wearing them they do start to become sore on the balls of the foot, they don't have the long lasting comfort that the Litas have. 
They do command a lot of attention and I wouldn't have been able to wear them in the past because of how much attention they get,people do notice them and do ask about them so you have to be prepared for that. But hey, if you bought them they must have grabbed your attention so they'll do the same with everybody else.
I did find the colour a little difficult to pair with initially because a lot of my shoes are black and a lot of my leggings have loud prints and I didn't think these shoes really leant themselves to loud leggings. I really felt they needed to be the main part of an outfit because they're so eye catching. I eventually went for a dark blue pair of high waisted jeans and a sheer white blouse.
But now for my favourite part: the price. As I've previously mentioned, I LOVE  a bargain and these were no exception. Office always have these in the sale for between £50 and £70 depending on the colour, but I tend to not buy Jeffrey Campbell's brand new because they are usually so expensive. I buy all of my Jeffrey Campbell's on eBay because you can get some great bargains. These cost me the princely sum of £7.39 so I got a real bargain. So if you want cute shoes for cheap, get on eBay you could find something really good. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Review

I don't know if they changed the formula of this foundation or whether my skin sucks that badly that it applies differently but this foundation is a dissapointmenr compared to the last bottle I bought. This was my go to foundation when I didn't want to try anything new but I think i may have fallen out of love.
The new (im just going to call it that) formula sits a lot heavier on my skin and looks caked on even when its spread thinly. It always looks like im wearing a buttload of foundation even when im not.And it makes my raised blemishes more obvious. The colour seems more orange coloured on my skin. My red marks also seem to show through a lot on my cheeks and i have to compensate with concealer which now no longer matches.
Its staying power is also rather poor,even when powdered.
All in all im unimpressed with this product and dont see myself buying it again.

Boujois Happy Light Foundation Review

I realised I should do a lot more reviews considering how many different products I try.So this is the first of said reviews. Boots have an offer for 2 for £14 Bourjois products at the moment, i've only used one Bourjois product before (the serum primer) and I liked it so I thought id try a couple of their other products. I decided to go for two foundations because i'm just running out of my Maybelline Satin Liquid so I got the two most expensive foundations because value!
The first one I tried was the Happy Light foundation which retails at £10.99.
I have about four bad words to say about this product so ill get those out of the way now.It was a little streaky around my nose,however this was easily fixed by blending with my fingers and in retrospect it could have been my brush needing cleaning that caused the streakiness.  There,now that ooginess is out of the way,onto the pros
This was one of the best matches for my skin tone that I ave ever found. At first I was a little concerned it would be too light but once it was all on it matched perfectly. It has a beautiful porcelain look to it and makes me feel like my skin is flawless. My skin isn't great at the moment because I've been eating badly and this covers me gorgeously.
It has a dewy look to it without looking too oily which can often happen with other foundations when I put it on over moisturiser, this didn't fall into that trap. It also makes the skin look lighter, which is probably how it got its name Happy light. Though that could be because it feels very light on the skin. It doesn't feel cakey and builds a nice even coverage while looking natural. I can't speak for how well it is at layering because it covered me so perfectly I don't see myself needing another layer.
I have a habit of touching my face a lot which is probably why my skin sucks at the moment and have found a lot of foundations come off on my fingers or seem to slide during the day. I sneezed after I put this on and had to hold my nose and none of it has come off on my hands.My skin also feels really soft.
I loved this product and definitely see myself buying it again at full price.
Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

My Haircare routine

Hey again!
As I may have mentioned I dyed my hair blonde at Christmas and have been working on getting it the shade of blonde I want since then. I've had it bleached twice which takes such a toll on your hair quality. In between my first and second bleaches I had to wait almost two months of conditioning to try and get it to the right condition before my hairdresser would agree to bleach it a second time. Here's all the products I use on it now. Some of them are just to add moisture and don't condition and some are to restore strength.

Lush Retread
I don't use this all the time because its quite expensive and I have to use a lot. If I ever got a job in Lush (please god) I probably would use it all the time. It's supposed to repair the hair from the inside and then smooth the outside, and I was told that on the first few uses I wouldn't like it or think it made any difference. However I loved this product instantly. Its quite rich and creamy and has a nice smell that isn't overpowering on the hair. With the bleaching my hair can feel quite rough which I assume is because of the damage, this smooths my hair and makes it feel silkier and with more moisture.
 Redken Extreme Strength Shampoo
This as lasted me quite a few months, though it is expensive. I will have to replace it though. It does repair the damage and make it silkier though i'm not so in love with it that I wouldn't replace it if I could find a cheaper product that did the same. This is supposed to infuse the hair with protein to make it stronger and repair the damage. I have found there aren't many products on the market that have protein so I guess I have to stick with this.

 Aussie Coloured Hair Shine Serum
I wanted to try some new Aussie products so I bought this in a three for ten. I like this. Its not heavy so doesn't weigh down the hair and does add a subtle shine. It doesn't have the great peach smell that other Aussie products have which is a shame.
 Aussie Miracle Recharge Heat Spray
This does have the peachy smell but its very subtle. It doesn't weigh on the hair or wet it so much that you have to wait for it to dry before you can straighten. My hair doesn't seem to get damaged by this so it seems to be working. I will definitely try other brands though

 Loreal Extraordinary Oil
I have been wanting to try this for sooo long and it was finally on offer at £6.66 I think (EEK!) at Christmas. This has lasted me a while because you don't have to use much. It really injects some moisture in my hair and makes it feel sleeker, especially when combined with the shine serum,  without making it look greasy. Its quite light so I can still add volume after i've used this. I think next time ill try the one for coloured hair though.
 No Drought Dry Shampoo
I'm not sure if my bleached hair doesn't need to be washed as much or whether this works so well at sucking up the grease. This can be quite difficult to get in the hair and can be messy, I've also found that it sits in particular parts of the hair. However, it does seem to increase the amount of time between washes and mattifies the hair. It also makes it easier to add volume and makes it seem lighter somehow. I do prefer this to aerosol dry shampoos because it makes the hair feel clean as well as look it.When my hair needs washing my scalp feels itchy which aerosol dry shampoos dont take away but this does.
 Redken Extreme Strength Conditioner
I use this alternatively with the lush conditioner. This smooths my hair and makes it feel less damaged. It doesn't make it feel more moist though. I find that when my hair is dry it feels quite fine and soft but can feel a little dry which this doesn't seem to clear up. However I will keep using this until I find a better product in my budget
 Aussie Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner
This has the great peach smell to it and leaves the hair feeling perfumed and great. I don't know if it protects my colour, it think shampoos or some other product that goes all over the hair would work better to protect colour

What products do you use? Do you use any of these products?

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Daddy O Review

What d'ya know blog posts that aren't like 6 months apart. I have post ideas for once so I'm trying to blog regularly. Today I have a review of a product that I got a sample of last time I was in Lush.

The lady who helped me recommended it to remove the brassiness out of my blonde hair. I've always known about the product but been dubious about trying it because I was unsure about whether it would work because I think you'd need chemicals to make a difference to the mad brassiness my hair has. But this has proved me wrong. While my hair is a little brassy (It needs re dying). It does have some chemicals in it but also has natural ingredients like lemon juice that works to tone the hair.  It also has coconut oil to moisturise. I got a good size sample so have managed to use this 4 times so far and have one use left and I have to say I love it! It neutralises the dryness that comes with bleaching and leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny. I love how it makes your hair purple when you lather it up which is obviously because its a purple shampoo but its just so much fun. It also has this great Parma Violets smell that lasts until the next day if its the last shampoo that I use, I love that it make me smell like purple. I loved this so much im going to buy a full size one and use it as my regular toning shampoo just because it has made the ginge in my hair lighter without compromising its health. I would definitely reccomend it